Medieval Architecture
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Images of medieval architecture. A great site put together by Alison Stones, Professor of History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh. There are two large gazetteers, one for Britain, and one for France. Besides photos, there are many plans, sketches and elevation drawings, which help to give an idea of the sheer scale of gothic cathedrals such as the cathedral of Saint-Étienne at Bourges (scroll down for the human figures at the bottom).
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Good stuff - thanks carter!
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[this is good]
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[this is double-plus good]

I'm drooling over Mont-Saint-Michael, possibly because it was the set of one of my favorite movies. My sense of atomic scale is forever tied to that place.
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This is a fantastic link, carter, thanks! But say, frykitty, I love (and have repeatedly been to) Mont-Saint Michel, but I can't understand the fascination with Mindwalk. I mean people sitting around talking for two hours? That's like my Dinner With Andre, only set in a pretty location. I should note that I've never actually sat through the whole movie, so I'm not really qualified to judge, but it sure seems a little tedious from the description...
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Speaking of medieval imagery architecture and Pitt...

There's the famous "Cathedral of Learning" (which students at rival Penn State U. call "the height of ignorance") with its famous Nationality Rooms. And adjacent Heinz Memorial Chapel.
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Er, medieval architecture imagery, that is...

Even better picture inside the Cathedral of Learning's commons
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