Hold still. This won't hurt a bit.
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The shrunken head page describes how real ones are made and has instructions so you can make your own fake shrunken head! From Wonderfull and Wierd Science, which has links to other gems such as Kitchen Science Experiments ( make your own Tesla Coil! ), and to the creepy Nocturnal Assault Research Center.
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Shrunken Heads were also covered recently on Metafilter here and here

As discussed in my recent post, "no brainer", there is some evidence of the existence of individuals - some more intelligent than average, who have a rare condition brought on by hydrocephaly and whose brains are as tiny as 50cc (!). This raises the obvious and spectacular possibility of shrinking the head to fit the tiny brain!
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Thanks troutfishing! [this is good]
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Plep - thanks. [ It's certainly better than blogommercials for MacD's and caffeinated soda ]
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