I know that this is exactly what they were looking for, but I can't help myself
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The first anti-pr0n ad ever? Aired during Jackass, Howard Stern and similar programs oriented to a young-men demographic, it manages to upset porn and antiporn people ... as well as defenders of little people. Watch it at xxxchurch.com SFW as always ).
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I call shenanigans - there's not one naked lady on that site.
posted by spazzm at 7:06 AM on June 30, 2003

I don't get it.
posted by dgaicun at 7:21 AM on June 30, 2003

Well. I think the accountability software is a great idea. Every two weeks, if I install this software, a list of all the naughty sites I visit will be sent to my accountability partner. What an excellent way to learn about new pornographic sites or old forgotten chestnuts.
posted by substrate at 7:24 AM on June 30, 2003

Will this ad have any impact at all on the porn industry? No. Will it generate more hits for xxxchurch.com? Uh...maybe.
posted by graventy at 7:27 AM on June 30, 2003

And they even ripped off ripoff kings 2advanced for their website! Karma rolls ever onward...
posted by adamgreenfield at 7:29 AM on June 30, 2003

The pastors are resurrecting a complete commercial never intended for TV. That one shows a bunch of kittens frolicking as the narrator informs viewers that every time someone masturbates, God kills a kitty.

"A lot of people don’t like that one," Gross said. "It’ll get the PETA people all ticked off at us."

posted by da5id at 8:07 AM on June 30, 2003

Hmmm, somehow, I don't think the big 'J' would have approved of this. Although I am now able to understand jokes on Fark, so hey, thanks XXXChurch!

I think your average Jackass fan would regard these ads as 'found satire', except that the fact that they aired during Jackass has taken all the fun out of it.

adamgreenfield - Viewing an evangalistic site with 'hip' flash design bits is kind of like accidently tuning your radio to a Christian rock station. Everything seems normal at first, but after a few seconds, you know something's not...quite...right.
posted by backOfYourMind at 8:11 AM on June 30, 2003

da5id - LOL

Bit light on for chuckles then, are you?
posted by backOfYourMind at 8:13 AM on June 30, 2003

There is no porn on our site because we think porn leaves you hanging.

wtf? ummm, yeah it does....but i thought you goofballs didn't masturbate?
posted by danOstuporStar at 10:03 AM on June 30, 2003

And they even ripped off ripoff kings 2advanced for their website!
That's not quite fair. Is the style somewhat similar? Sure, but you could say that about hundreds of design sites. Is it a blatant rip-off? I don't think so.
posted by kickingtheground at 10:11 AM on June 30, 2003

that every time someone masturbates, God kills a kitty.
Yikes! What sort of message is that putting out? Do christians really want to be worshipping somebody who'll a) kill innocent young kittens for the sins of others and b) put a MASSIVE guilt trip on you?

"Put the magazine down or Mr. Fluffy gets it!"
posted by kaemaril at 12:21 PM on June 30, 2003

Kaemaril, The phrase comes from one of the best Fark photoshop contests ever, which featured this picture. Conviently now available in T-shirt
posted by NGnerd at 1:49 PM on June 30, 2003

A little porn is like a little heroine.
heroine? Hey guys, get an education.
posted by sparky at 7:14 AM on July 2, 2003

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