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Physicists have discovered a new class of subatomic particle that will provide unexpected insights into the fundamental building blocks of matter. The new particle is the so-called pentaquark - five quarks in formation.
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I think I saw these guys at an air show, once. They were pretty cool!
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was that 15 billion years ago?

Now they believe they know of a particle containing five quarks that perhaps could have been common in the very early universe.
more details from NYT (yeah, that's a blair-reviewed scientific journal)

ok, here (arxiv) is the original paper.
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2-, 3-, and 5-quark particles. Even at the subatomic level, the law of fives holds true.
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That's because it is a transcendental condition of apperception.
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...celebrities will die in threes and its been true ever since.
Hepburn, Hackett and Who?
(This may be a MeFi record for thread derail... from fundamental matter to celebrity dead pool in five comments... I'm proud to be contributing...)

BTW, I thought this was all revealed back in the '70s in "The Pentaquark Papers"...
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Hepburn, Hackett and Who?

Take your pick-- Strom Thurmond or Robert McCloskey.
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Hepburn, Hackett and Who?

Bob Hope is getting worried.
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Nothing against the discordians but I predict a discovery of an eight quark configuration based on a different property of addition.
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*appreciates crunchburger's Kant joke*
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I predict a discovery of an eight quark configuration

Octoquarks would likely be found in great profusion around Discworld, where it likely forms masses of Octogen and Octiron. Ponder Stibbons, of the Unseen University's High Energy Magic Lab, is probably looking into it, but probably won't talk about it until he can find a way to avoid saying, "eight."
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*sets clock*
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