August 1, 2000
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If you choose to accept this music file, Mr. Phelps, it will self-destruct after one listen. If you attempt to tamper with or share this file, it will also self-destruct. Thank you for your attention. End of Line.
posted by aflakete (3 comments total)
I wish they'd done that to the original print of MI2.
posted by ZachsMind at 7:50 AM on August 1, 2000

Ho! Ho! Ho! Those wacky Digital Rigts Management people! What will they come up with next? With hilarious consequences!!!

It amazes me the amount of money being poured into young DRM firms. Normally a company whose products exist only to inconvence the customer, and whose technology fundamentalally cannot ever be fully effective, would not be considered such a hot investment, I'd have thought.

posted by BobInce at 4:03 AM on August 2, 2000

Like that will work. Loophole: write/hack an mp3 player that opens InTether files and as the data stream comes through, reroute to another file in an unencrypted format.

Unless InThether writes their own mp3 player that the users are forced into (as if that would fly), the data needs to be accessible. If it's accessible, the genie is out of the bottle in about a day.

Did someone not *think* about this?
posted by plinth at 6:28 AM on August 2, 2000

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