Interesting unfinished manga story
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Interesting unfinished manga story by Marcus Jones at impromanga which really reminds me of that new Bjork video by the ever pleasing Chris Cunningham.
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I hear Chris Cunningham became a B-A-A-D droogie by signing over his soul to Steven Spielberg. Ohh, and "I can see dead robots" No, wait. "Bruce? - I suppose Mummy and Daddy are real, aren't they?". HEHE. Ooo...
"Is Haley malfunctioning? I swear, ever since he got together with that good-for-nofin HAL9000"
"My dear Mummy, How are you really, do you love me as much --" HAHAHA
posted by tiaka at 10:25 AM on August 1, 2000

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