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That's enough about you.How about me? More from the New Int article (can't find a link) "comic books,films,mobile phones that take pictures all value the look of things much more than the meaning of things" Can't we all just love .... ourselves ? (don't mention blogging)
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'Nice' use of 'quotes' to show how 'silly' mental illness 'is.'
posted by planetkyoto at 5:52 AM on July 5, 2003

What's the new name for the mental illness previously known as 'trolling'?
posted by spazzm at 5:56 AM on July 5, 2003

Well, I've been expecting the pendulum to swing back the other direction...while it is true that the latest emphasis on treating clinical depression etc. has saved a lot of lives and given quality of life to countless more-I am sure that all of us know people who think that everything emotional can be fixed by a pill. T'ain't so, even for those of us with a biological basis for our mood disorders.
posted by konolia at 9:57 AM on July 5, 2003

Anyone else seen the TV ads about ADULT Attention Deficit Disorder? Poor woman they show is nearly at the 'hearing voices' stage.
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That first link is 'interesting'.
posted by signal at 1:40 PM on July 5, 2003

Don't knock straterra. Turns out it is also a pretty good antidepressant for bipolar disorder-trust me.
posted by konolia at 3:08 PM on July 5, 2003

Strattera is a third- or fourth-generation drug developed from the tricyclic norpramine. Works better, fewer side effects: a good drug, IMO.

"Malignant self-love" sounds like sociopathy or, alternatively, auto-erotic asphyxiation.
posted by swerve at 8:51 PM on July 5, 2003

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