The Napster of Needlepoint?
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The Napster of Needlepoint? "They're housewives and they're hackers" say Pegasus Originals who are beginning legal moves to stop online sharing of needlepoint patterns. (Via
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What they need to do is to have several grandmothers in a clean-room environment, reverse engineering the patterns. Then they can write up the new patterns by description, and have other hacker-grandmothers implement the designs. Then the new BIOS -- er, patterns -- can then be published free and clear.

That'll larn 'em.
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This article could be run verbatim in The Onion.

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The whole thing is getting ridiculous - not that it wasn't already to start with!!

*everything* is on the web by now...people should expect it...God, you can even learn how to make a bomb, I think needlepoint theft is slightly overshadowed by that one..
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The best part is near the bottom of the article. Who owns the country's biggest needlepoint publisher? Time Warner.
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