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World's tallest rideable bicycle? On Canada Day, Brad Graham rode a 14 foot high bicycle without assistance for about 20 minutes. As the event is processed by Guinness, Brad's book on building your own bike will be published later this year, detailing his 20 years of building strange bikes and robots, amongst other vehicles and gadgets. This is not just a hobby done in his Thunder Bay garage; there are many other builders throughout Canada, although they may not test their vehicles using their own children.
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Er, I should emphasize that custom-built bicycles aren't exclusively a Canadian phenomenon. Most of the links I found dealt with having a bikeframe customized for your body type.
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You know, I noticed several unusually tall bikes in the most recent Critical Mass thingy. Looked like the riders (and there were about a dozen of them) had taken a second frame and mounted it on top of another bike, using extra-long posts at the seat and fork points. They ended up being about three feet higher than the rest of the riders. Odd.
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I first learned about Brad's fetish at The Bicycle Forest. Worth a look for some other weird (and some not so weird) designs.
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Oh, and while you're checking out the Bike Forest, click on "Couch Bike."
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Holy crap. Awesome site.
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See also C.H.U.N.K. 666.
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kiz-zool links, guys.

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I *need* a couchbike. That situation is FAT!
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this has nothing on the hard timers of hard times cafe on riverside. because gangs of bikers riding 2, 3, 6 conjoined frames can't be beat.
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Reminds me of the Reed College kids at Critical Mass.
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