This antigravity contraption, it floats?
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American Antigravity makes lifters, devices that defy gravity thanks to a few thousand volts of electricity coursing through them. A video gallery features fascinating Windows and Real video clips. (More inside)
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where's the more?
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(On preview, there was a post about American Antigravity on May 28 last year. To make this current, I'll point out that Wired magazine's August issue features stories about "super powers"--antigravity among them.)
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That same issue of Wired has detailed instructions on building your own anti-grav "floater".

I'm currently all over it. I expect to be badly burned, or something.
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Not antigravity -- Ion wind, which only works in atmosphere, but still.....DAMNED cool.....
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Failing to grasp such complexities is why I am doomed to skin grafts.
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Not antigravity -- Ion wind, which only works in atmosphere...or perhaps not. Check out this cool research at the University of Washington.

M2P2 uses a plasma bubble to create a mini-magnetosphere, which acts as a solar sail, using the ionized particles of the solar winds for propulsion.
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Good work, everyone.
Hi Marshall --
Thanks for the link, I was checking stats at the American Antigravity site and it seems that your posting brought in 1200 hits in the last two hours. Not sure why though -- the URL that they're from is the site.
I've been going 2 days straight doing research and site updates, so while the traffic is nice, its more of a 'theoretical nice' until I drink about 6 more cups of coffee this morning  :o)
Have a good one!
Tim Ventura
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