down with the force on the emerald isle
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Yoda in Ireland! What do you get when you combine a wizened Jedi master, the fabled Emerald Isle, and perhaps a pint too many of Guiness™? The best vacation pictures ever!
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Friends of mine did this w/ a lawn gnome in the 80s - I believe they made the Weekly World news or one of those newspapers. They kidnapped the gnome, then sent the family pictures of the gnome from all over the place. Fun times.
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The lawn gnome's vacation was featured in this lovely movie.
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12 pages! That is marvelously obsessive.
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This would explain that disturbance in the Force I've been feeling lately....
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I (heart) the Internet.
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The thing with the kidnapped gnome was also one of the plot threads in happyhappyjoyjoy French classic Amelie. Art imitates life (or scriptwriter lifts idea from newspaper).
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Wait a second. Isn't there some fabuleux French movie wherein a lawn decoration of some sort had a similar adventure?
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this amelie, it vibrates?
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I think the lawn gnome vacation is a pretty common gag - I'm not saying that my friends didn't come up with it on their own (they are a clever bunch), but I'm not discounting that lots of gnome-thieves didn't also come up with it on their own, including the Amelie writers.
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There was a spate of lawn-gnome kidnappings _in France_ in the mid-90's that apparently captured the nation's fancy, and this was probably the specific inspiration for Amelie, though the title character actually fobs the gnome off to an airline attendant or somesuch. This moving, whimsical act which challenges our perceptions and questions the very nature of reality loses its soul when sub-contracted.
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