A survey on Gender Bias
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A survey on Gender Bias recorded that America's largest survey of sexual activity asked, "What is the best moment of intercourse?" Of the top three men's answers, the MOST popular single response was "my partner's orgasm." Feminists complain that men are preoccupied with performance rather than intimacy ("my partner's orgasm" did NOT make the top three list for women). If things were reversed and men's favorite moment was their own orgasm; (a) Feminists would complain that men were self-centered. (b) Feminists would complain that men didn't care about satisfying women.
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here we go again
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Nothing seems to be happening. I was hoping for another long thread with lots of ad hominem attacks, numerous exceedingly verbose posts from Zach, and character assassination on murray! But what do I get? Just an empty screen and one snarky comment from lagado. I'm disappointed, guys. Where's the hate?
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Oh, it's a survey that puts men in a good light, and is sponsored by a group called Men's Rights - that sounds like a trustworthy source. Oh, and it's from 1995! How timely! Men are all better now! Feminists have nothing on us enlightened men!

...and so on, and so forth...
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This whole "feminist thing" would never have happened if we stuck to the old ways... you know, clubbing our mates. It's difficult to complain when you're unconcious.

...please don't hurt me.
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Oh sorry. Saw this and passed it by but it looked like flamebait for me so I ignored it. Then I looked at it again and thought gee I'm just being paranoid why would anyone try to flamebait me in here but i got distracted and decided to come in here later.

So now I'm here. And turns out I was right the first time. But I'm a sucker anyway, so what the hell.
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Just left a relationship which seemed to be just fine when I did the right things. But I could never tell which things. The other shoe kept dropping at regular intervals.

Now, I'm in a new relationship with a partner who accepts me for who I am, not who she can change me into. What a concept.

"Feminists" who object to the old/new findings of this survey may reconsider their own ability/willingness to pursue intimacy. Come to your partner. Try it! -- G.
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oh my sweet lord. if I object to this "survey" it means there's something wrong with me?

*pounds head on desk*
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So, mathowie, are you as quick to dismiss anything issued by, say, the so-called National Organization of Women?
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Don't worry Aaron, Matt's probably so pussy-whipped he has to be politically correct for his gf or he won't get laid tonight. LOL
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M.K.: Matt is our generous host, even if you disagree with him, a certain measure of respect is owed to the man for creating this wonderful forum. Also, your joke is not very funny.
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