August 2, 2000 12:38 PM   Subscribe, careerpath, etc, etc... While these sites offer tons of jobs, I wonder if I will actually be able to find work through them. Does anyone have experiences they'd like to share about finding internet jobs through the inernet? How about smaller, more focused sites, especially regional ones?
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The online sites are ok, but nothing can replace using contacts or even going thru a headhunter. The sites are usually out of date or inundate the employer with so many applicants, that the employer can't get back to you in a timely fashion.
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FWIW, I've never hired tech staff for my own organization this way, but do know that my firm has hired quite a few mechanical engineers, service personnel and adminstrative support from listings.
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my local site has a company profile section - I used that to find the right kind of companies and all the correct contact details (very important - you don't want your resume going to a faceless drone in HR). If you're going to cold-call, that's a good place to start - jobs aren't always posted.
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I found my previous job through one of those places, although I don't remember which one. I was moving from Charlotte to Baltimore for some reason and wanted to have a job waiting for me when I got there. The job I got was not nearly the perfect job for me by any stretch, but it gave me enough time to discern just what was going on around town and where I wanted to go, without having to sit around and eat Ramen noodles.
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For the SF, CA Bay Area, Craig's List is a good bet.
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I was actually found and hired at my current company through HotJobs, as were several of my coworkers. One of whom won the monthly $10k prize for best story.
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I got my first job because of my homepage-hosted resume that was picked up by one of the big search engines. I got a ton of interview offers thru --although I now hear that is doing pretty well too-- so, yeah, I think it worths the trouble...
posted by costas at 3:09 PM on August 2, 2000 is very very good, and comes highly recommended. I got tons of offers from their companies but couldn't take them due to school.

Once I was out, I pounded the pavement and posted resumes and responded to ads *everywhere*. I ended up finding my job through Monster, and it's just what I wanted.

It might be a crapshoot sometimes, but there's gold in them thar hills.
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Only problem with Dice is that instead of the actual jobs, you get linked with a ton of agencies... and they're kinda slimy.
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I got my current job through

Scientific Placement Inc., a recruiting agency, also arranged some good offers, but I ended up going with a company I'd contacted directly through dice.

I just wish more companies would post salary estimates when they put jobs into databases like this. Why they think *their* job is going to stand out over hundreds of others when they don't even tell you what it's worth is beyond me.

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a friend found a job with kozmo/nyc by posting his resume to - head hunter grabbed him for a couple of interviews within a couple of weeks
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I got a job by using an online job posting service that caters to college and university grads. The job was posted, I applied, and in under 2 weeks was in my new office, beating my head against ASP and SQL.

90% of the employees here have been hired through online job sites.

In January, when I was looking for a job, I had 4 or 5 interviews over a 3 week period, without printing out a single resume, and without pounding any pavement. It was nice.
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A friend of mine posted his resume on hotjobs, got called by about 5 different headhunters within the first day and had a job at Razorfish by the end of the week.
He was fired two months later for being a heroin addict but for a while there he was making a lot of money!
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I've gotten no love from Hotjobs/Monster. So much for a college degree.
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