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Hipster Bingo is coming to your favorite rock club or coffee shop. [via boingboing]
posted by turbodog (25 comments total)
Personally, rather than "break a bunch of beer bottles on the floor and get thrown out" when you get a bingo, I'd play it punch buggy-style.
posted by turbodog at 5:01 PM on July 17, 2003

Bingo! Sweet Lovely Things, just sitting in a tiny coffee place and in under thirty seconds, B! I! N! G! O! I think this was put together by a California person. Man, I need to stop hanging out in Los Feliz. The trucker cap thing is obnoxious! Too hot outside for the ski vest. And, so help me, if one more guy with the Jagger haircut asks me about parking... Tell me it hasn't gotten this bad in Chapel Hill.
posted by salsamander at 5:01 PM on July 17, 2003

Man, I need to stop hanging out in Los Feliz.

salsamander, that's one of exactly three reasons why I finally moved out of the neighborhood. Just. Could. Not. Take. It. Anymore. (And this from someone who used to live in Wicker Park in Chicago!) I must be be about ready to go over Hipster Hill. Pretty soon I will be yelling "hey you hipsters, get off my lawn!"

I'm never giving up the old school Pumas, though.
posted by scody at 5:15 PM on July 17, 2003

Is it the irony that makes the hipster?

'Cause all the stuff on that card has never, ever gone away in Utah.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 5:21 PM on July 17, 2003

scody: It's all about entertainment value, hanging out in Los Feliz/Silverlake. I'd overdose on over-the-top hipsterism, the seen-and-be-scene ethic if I had to live here. North Hollywood seems to strike a liveable balance between what, in my Midwestern-trained eyes, feels like city living and Los Angeles influence. It'd take a good couple of hours to complete the Bingo card up near Lankershim and Magnolia.

Yes, crash, Irony is the Cultural Currency of the Twentysomething.
posted by salsamander at 5:33 PM on July 17, 2003

Man, if the White Stripes hadn't cancelled their show in DC next week...

I probably would have hit bingo on the metro ride to the arena.
posted by arco at 5:41 PM on July 17, 2003

P.S. I love the thread title!
posted by arco at 5:42 PM on July 17, 2003

4-ft tall girls? I'm there!
posted by MrBaliHai at 6:01 PM on July 17, 2003

I can practically get a bingo without even getting out of my chair. I'm so excited to finally be a hipster!
posted by spilon at 6:41 PM on July 17, 2003

Where did Mefi-o go to?
posted by gluechunk at 6:42 PM on July 17, 2003

I saw a group of four guys earlier today that would've given me the much coveted black-out. If only I'd known.

Note to hipsters: The media is on to you. The fact that being a hipster is hip shows that it's no longer hip to be a hipster or something like that.

/grumpy 24-year-old.
posted by Ufez Jones at 6:52 PM on July 17, 2003

Hold it...

I'm a "grandpa" now? What? Oh, wait, I'm not wearing a stupid hat (in an ironic manner) or sporting a mustache (in an equally ironic manner) or drinking PBR (which has never been ironic). Thank heavens.
posted by grabbingsand at 7:19 PM on July 17, 2003


Here in Chapel Hill, the ironic moustache is cutting edge, trucker caps aren't ironic at all, and chunky plastic glasses will rule forever. At least that's what I've noticed. But what do I know, I'm a grandpa. Or as I call 'em, a Costco Rocker. I'd say that's more of a 80s ski vest, too.
posted by bendybendy at 7:22 PM on July 17, 2003

Being able to differentiate between 70s and 80s fashion proves that you're a grandpa.
posted by turbodog at 8:24 PM on July 17, 2003

Damn! Just when my John Deere "gimme" cap was coming back into style. My wife hates it anyway, but it was nice to be able to wear it in public again.

And PBR? Hey, it's cheap, I'm poor as dirt, so kiss my ass.

Hipster indeed.
posted by damnitkage at 8:38 PM on July 17, 2003

the next beer is pabst GENUINE draft.

pbr is so over.

i mean, there was like an AP article on how it was "IN STYLE".

i also think bud light has potential.
posted by fishfucker at 8:51 PM on July 17, 2003

"i also think bud light has potential."

Here's where it's at, baby:

Repo Man, anyone?
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:30 PM on July 17, 2003

Well, as I live in Soyland, I think I am completely out of luck...

posted by Samizdata at 1:04 AM on July 18, 2003

Trucker hats? I thought they wore tricorns in Williamsburg.

(This is officially the last time I will make that joke.)
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 4:08 AM on July 18, 2003

For once, I feel glad that I turn 30 in two months. Oh, wait...

Although I did buy a CAT cap at a country machinery field day last year. I didn't think it was ironic in the hipster sense, though.
posted by GrahamVM at 5:19 AM on July 18, 2003

Where did Mefi-o go to?

No idea, but it was, it seems, based on Bloggo!.
posted by monkey closet at 5:49 AM on July 18, 2003

posted by Satapher at 7:25 AM on July 18, 2003

Hipsters are Annoying
posted by jon_kill at 7:32 AM on July 18, 2003

It can't just be a California thing, because if you let me pick the spot, I could fill the entire card in less than a minute in Milwaukee. As in Milwaukee, one of the supposedly unhip places on earth where weiners should be eaten not beaten.

/grumpy 24-year-old.

He he... In less than a week I will be a grumpy 24-year-old.

As someone who plays in a band, I'm surrounded by Hipsters, but still can't say I understand the trucker hat thing.
posted by drezdn at 12:58 PM on July 18, 2003

/grumpy 24-year-old.

24? Let me tell you, back when we were 24, we didn't have time to be grumpy. We were busy walking up hill (both ways!) to the record store and then listening to our Smashing Pumpkins records in the basement with shoebox stereos jiggered together with safety pins and rubber bands. Grumpy, indeed.

/grumpy 34-year-old.
posted by scody at 1:52 PM on July 18, 2003

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