neo-nazis + jewish exremists
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In france, neo-nazis and extremist jews unite against arabs -- so says left-leaning anti-racist group MRAP (view machine-translated page) in a new report. Yeah, the conspiracy theorists sure need more ammo...
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Wouldn't it make more sense for Neo-nazi's to work with arab extremists?
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Does anyone know what the climate in France is like right now? What's inspiring this insanity?
posted by Tlogmer at 6:30 PM on July 17, 2003

I don't think it's very cool to call someone out in a fpp.
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I agree with mcsweetie on that.
Besides, I could not find an article linking Jews and Neo-Nazis on the MRAP website. However, there was mention of an article named "Antisémitisme et arabophobie sur internet : les nouvelles alliances", which translates (roughly) to "antisemittism and arabophobia on the internet: the new alliances".

Not that I would ever suspect an american news agency of trying to paint the french as anti-semitic jews, mind you...

It would be interesting if anyone with could find and translate the article in question.

(As an aside, arabs are considered a semitic people, (IIRC) and antisemittism must therefore necessarily incorporate a certain level of arabophobia.)
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On review: Referring to oneself as a conspiracy theorist - classy, Tlogmer.
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Maybe I'm the conspiracy theorist, but I'd swear that Tlogmer's "conspiracy theorist" link used to point to this post.

In fact, I don't think mcsweetie would have pointed it out otherwise.
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My yenta is a real meshugana
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Yeah, maybe the internal mefi link was ill-advised, but I wanted to make this something more than a straight news fpp. (Yeah, I linked to myself, but the post was picking apart a bizarre conspiracy theory someone else had asserted -- this wasn't something debatably sound; it was Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuff (more than a bit disturbuing coming from someone otherwise seemingly coherent).

The reuters story (via Wired, by the way) mentioned the report itself being 178 pages long, so I would expect it hasn't been uploaded yet (if ever).
posted by Tlogmer at 11:22 PM on July 17, 2003

Those crazy kids. It's good everyone is putting the holocaust behind them and getting on with hating other racial groups. Is there going to be a rave or anything to celebrate the occasion?
posted by The God Complex at 12:31 AM on July 18, 2003

I live in France, and, uh, the media prefer not to talk about it at all.

Because, well, you know, with our new so called 'great' *cough* defence and security minister mister Sarkozy (aka Sarko), France is supposed to be the most secure country in EU, now that we have cops EVERYWHERE and that we cannot do ANYTHING freely (as in, help homeless people, or else we can go to jail. Oh, freedom...).

So, no, it's not the right time to talk about racism and hate problems here...
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"Wouldn't it make more sense for Neo-nazi's to work with arab extremists?"
Not in France: a few thousand middle class Jews vs. 10% of the population being Arabic slum dwellers. Who do you think LePen makes real political capital from attacking? The Jews, or the Arabs? As this article states:
Perhaps no political party in France has been more outspoken on the issue of immigration than the Front National. Begun by Jean-Marie LePen in 1972 the Front National enjoys a vote share of between 15 and 20%. The party is most popular in those regions of France where there is an important concentration of Arab immigrants.
Look at it this way: when the nazis in France were simply anti-jewish they got <1% of the vote. As soon as they started attacking and demanding the expulsion of immigrants (mostly Arabs but African and Carribean blacks as well), LePen reached 15%.
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Just to clear something up, "anti-semitism" was coined explicitly by a German around the turn of the 20th century to replace the term "Judenhaas"(guess what it means, kids) as part of the merging of racism and science that was going on at the time, not to refer to bigotry against all semitic sub-ethnicities possible. Historical usage, both colloquial and formal, uses it to mean "hatred of Jews", so it's a bit of a canard to use the "Arabs are semites too" argument.
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"Yeah, I linked to myself..."

Whew. I can stop watching for the #006699 helicopters now.
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Pseudoephedrine: That's very interesting. Do you have a citation for that? The notion that "Arabs can't be anti-semitic because they are semitic!" always irks me.
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Here's a wikipedia article that mentions it. The guy's name is Wilhelm Marr.

Also, to correct myself, it's "Judenhass", not "Judenhaas". My bad.
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posted by turbodog at 3:25 PM on July 18, 2003

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