This is just sick and wrong.
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This is just sick and wrong. Convention Barbie? Do you really want to support a party with lame merchandising tie-ins like this? Sidenote: does this make Bush pro-Mattel and anti-Matt L?
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Note the token 'African American Republican Convention' Barbie.

You know, if Republican Barbie wears a conservative and professional 'power' suit, what do you suppose Democrat Barbie wears? I'd guess she comes complete with missing teeth and a minature crack pipe.
posted by aladfar at 5:17 PM on August 2, 2000

Where can I get the Commie Barbie? I need to get one for my niece right away!
posted by EssenDreck at 5:47 PM on August 2, 2000

There are token African American Barbies of every type (Rollerblade Barbie, Malibu Barbie, Crack Whore Barbie) not just GOP Convention Barbie.

There will be a Democratic Convention Barbie who looks the same but in a blue suit. So that's it - repub women (think Nancy!) wear red, dem women (think Feinstein!) wear blue.

Glad that Mattel could straighten that out for me. Now, to cull my wardrobe appropriately.

Btw, did anyone notice the diss of Ken in the article? "Ken is merely a boyfriend." Ooooooh, cold!
posted by Dreama at 6:10 PM on August 2, 2000

>>Sidenote: does this make Bush pro-Mattel and anti-Matt L?

posted by netbros at 6:31 PM on August 2, 2000

As a veteran of these events, I can state for certain that the GOP conventions *always* have the best merchandise. In '96, for example, the Nixon Library set up a booth with a lifesize cutout of the famous Nixon 'n' Elvis photo; you could have your picture taken standing between them. The Dem convention merchandise offerings consisted of two booths selling ugly buttons and angry bumperstickers.

I did see the same button offered at both conventions - Clinton, playing the sax, with the caption "Blow, Bill, Blow." At the Dem convention, however, it was offered without irony.
posted by lileks at 9:21 PM on August 2, 2000

That's like Oxford: the Labour Club has the best debates, but the Tories throw the best parties. Capitalism means tchotchkes.
posted by holgate at 5:45 AM on August 3, 2000

That wouldn't be true on OUR side of the Pond. The Republicans throwing the best parties? ROFL!

The red/blue thing has long amused me, especially in post-election state-by-state maps. Obviously both colors are "American", but it would be the height of political incorrectness to characterize the Democrats as, well, red. But of course it's completely safe to do to the Republicans. ;-)
posted by dhartung at 6:11 AM on August 3, 2000

The best parties at the conventions happened during the GOP events, usually. '96's opening party, for example, was catered by 35 different restaurant, featured fireworks set to Hendrix, and a concert by Brian Setzer's Orchestra. The '96 opening party in Chicago for the Dems consisted of cheeseburgers by the Billy Goat Tavern, obscure BBQ, and Miller beer.

At least at GOP parties one has no fear that Barbra Striesand won't show up, and no one will play Fleetwood Mac. Whereas this is a constant threat at Dem events.
posted by lileks at 8:33 AM on August 3, 2000

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