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The jig is up. Robert Jospeh, a top aide to Bush national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, worked with Dick Checny's office and "insisted" the uranium intel be included in Bush's State of the Union speech.
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Spelling, fail it.
posted by the fire you left me at 6:35 AM on July 18, 2003

Shouldn't that be Robert "Scapegoat" Joseph?
posted by jpburns at 6:37 AM on July 18, 2003

And here I thought 'Checny' was some clever pun that sailed right over my head.
posted by Space Coyote at 6:56 AM on July 18, 2003

Look at this: the intel guy believed to have leaked criticism to the BBC of how the Blairites "sexed up" their dossier was just found dead.
posted by CunningLinguist at 7:02 AM on July 18, 2003

Cunning linguist, you might want to rephrase that.

The intel guy who leaked criticism - but was believed to have NOT been the main source of the 'sexed up' quotation and who was widely believed to have been used as a scapegoat - was just found dead.
posted by niceness at 7:12 AM on July 18, 2003

I'd think twice before critiquing someone named Cunning Linguist. What s/he said was pretty clear - and correct - to me.
posted by stonerose at 7:15 AM on July 18, 2003


Anyway, I shouldn't have posted. There's a FPP now.
posted by CunningLinguist at 7:44 AM on July 18, 2003

In other news, a Russian supply tanker exploded today in Grozny. It was apparently a target of Checny rebels.
posted by insomnia_lj at 8:22 AM on July 18, 2003

And this couldn't have been posted in one of the 20 other posts about this whole affair?
posted by Mick at 9:02 AM on July 18, 2003

It's not "an Affair," Mick - it's a moveable feast. And there's a few of us that spent a year getting slapped around that bought the "All you can eat" ticket.

I'm setting up a vomitorium in the back, guys. The right will be happy to know that it has been designated a non-partisan area. A win-win scenario.
posted by Perigee at 9:32 AM on July 18, 2003

I've got my feather ready.
posted by soyjoy at 10:48 AM on July 18, 2003

The bigger bombshell that should be a FPP was just released by the Washington Post...

Bush administration, CIA had copies of forged uranium documents three months before State of the Union address!

This catches the administration in at least three obvious lies:

At least three obvious administration lies...
1> The Bush administration is on record that didn't have the documents until *after* State of Union address.

2> The Bush administration told UN inspectors requesting proof of these allegations that they didn't have copies of the documents, withholding their release until a month after the State of the Union address, thereby delaying the obvious determination that the documents were fraudulent.

3> They didn't just cite information in the State of the Union address that they suspected *could be* fraudulent. They would have had information from the CIA on the docs to tell them that it *was* fraudulent... but they cited the British anyway, because it was a technically true statement.
posted by insomnia_lj at 11:13 AM on July 18, 2003

*first smile in months*
posted by squirrel at 11:32 AM on July 18, 2003

Stop it, stop it! I can't laugh and vomit at the same time!
posted by soyjoy at 2:10 PM on July 18, 2003

Where does this go? The press can't impeach someone, and viewers voters get bored. Plus, how many people who voted for Bush are reading the WaPo and how many are digesting this?
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 2:33 PM on July 18, 2003

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