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Script-O-Rama! Hundreds and hundreds of film scripts, film transcripts, tv show scripts, and anime scripts.
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Thanks for the weekend reading - scripts galore, and an extensive page of movie-related links. This is quite a cool resource, crunchland, thanks!
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Lots of good links, though some are to transscripts rather than scripts - a minor difference, but still.

Also check out Screentalk’s gallery for movie scripts.
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There is also Daily Script for a random script each day. (Today's is "Broadcast News".)
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What a treasure trove of reading material. Thanks! And if you're looking for a rundown of scripts you might one-day see on the screen, check out this breakdown of Hollywood script sales .
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From Herc's link:

"Story of a young woman on a crucial day of meetings, events and dates who experiences one hair emergency after another. Depending on the kindness of strangers, creditors and astrologers, she manages to get a job and maintain a shred of dignity despite the destructive forces let loose on her hair. "

Those people who said there were no good movies being made anymore sure look silly now!
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