Bird Badness
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Poultry poetry? Bitten by the Silkie bug? Got left over bird diapers that you would like to put to use? Pick up a few new feathered friends at bargain-barn prices. But please, keep the poultry porn to yourself (bad design/mild ickiness warning)
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If GeoCities poops out on you, try the google cache
posted by answergrape at 9:45 PM on July 22, 2003

a silkie is supposed to be a humanoid creature capable of being either a rocket like thing, a human like thing, or a fish sort of thing. doesn't anyone read science fiction before naming birds?
posted by th3ph17 at 8:20 AM on July 23, 2003

How funny! The chickens kind of resemble a few of those covers....
posted by answergrape at 4:06 PM on July 23, 2003

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