Warning: anime cuteness!
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Genki Gang has the most amazing anime-inspired hats ever. I wonder if I can get a Totoro one in time for the DC Meetup? Kawaii! (Sorry, Flash site so no direct links...click on "store" then "hats".)
posted by JoanArkham (5 comments total)
you know, there is a reason no one has commented here.
posted by Satapher at 10:48 AM on July 23, 2003

Wot, no Ein? Not that there's any way I'd pay 35 bucks for a hat that I couldn't possibly pull off...
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 11:14 AM on July 23, 2003

Very cute, Joan! Now we can buy these so that our pets won't be humiliated alone.

I think there would be a bigger response for these if everyone hadn't already spent their money buying an owillis trucker hat.
posted by madamjujujive at 12:13 PM on July 23, 2003

I enjoyed the text descriptions:

This hat oddly makes people want to sleep on your belly. FOREVER! (Also available non-dead)

Remember kids Beerchan will never be a good designated driver. Firstly he's drunk and secondly he's a hat.

But I don't think I will be wearing one of these at the meet-up!
posted by onlyconnect at 12:14 PM on July 23, 2003

Kawaii indeed!
posted by insomnyuk at 2:09 PM on July 23, 2003

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