Journos really are crazy for the truth
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Unbiased (ideally) but not inhuman (hopefully) The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma at the University of Washington studies the effects of crazy badness ("if it bleeds, it leads") on reporters and studies ways in which the news media can better cover traumatic events in the life of the world: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. From a piece on the site, "9-11 Journalists Share Memories, Support," "Long before Sept. 11, he was interested in how journalists respond to the pain and misery they encounter in their work, and the lack of support they often find in a traditionally tough-minded business. Then he nearly died while photographing the World Trade Center attack, and found those issues hit closer to home than he ever imagined."
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very interesting link. We forget about the difficult job journalists have, from the everyday mundane stuff like calling survivors of a deceased person, to the epochal stuff like covering a 9/11. Thanks, jengod
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Great link, jengod. The public loves to hate us, but newsies are people too.

The International News Safety Institute is also an interesting site.

[this is very good.]
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