Renaissance Man from Mars
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On a recent visit to The Minneapolis Institute of Art, I noticed a newly acquired painting titled Funeral March for the Minimal Man, by Chris Mars. Yes, that Chris Mars. It is notable that most recent paintings have been "created [as] a monument to his brother. In each painting he is attempting to interpret his world and set him free from the constraints of mental illness." So much to discuss, so little time.
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It is notable that his most recent paintings ...

Sorry. I've even had my morning coffee.
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Quick quibble: Minneapolis Institute of ArtS.

But yeah, when I first saw that painting and its attribution, my hat just about flew off of my head... the guy can actually paint. And I can say pretty confidently that the painting came in on its own merits, and not because of the awesome local music connection.

His cover art for the first Golden Smog album is pretty cool, too.
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Who's Chris Mars?
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Former drummer for the Replacements, neo-Boschian painter, occasional drunken clown.
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I love that he has a thing for pointy hats. Thanks, ScottUltra.

Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips does wonderful oils, and does most of the album art, as well as most of the art on their website.
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Weird. Yesterday, Pitchfork was running a story saying that Tommy Stinson would be touring soon. but when I tried to link to it for related Replacements news, it was gone.

So, um, I guess Tommy Stinson might be touring soon, and might not be.
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his paintings remind me a bit of the painting of norbert kox: 1, 2.
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I've been meaning to buy that Horseshoes and Hand Grenades litho. I have the postcards and they're great.

For those of you who don't know the Mats, I'd highly recommend checking out Let it Be, Tim, and Pleased to Meet Me (at your local brick-and-mortar record shop). There are also a couple of great articles on the Foshay Tower site: Brats in Babylon and Into the Black: The final days of Bob Stinson. For people who have always enjoyed them, you should definitely check out

On preview, COBRA!, I think he's supposed to be touring in support of his new, unreleased album. I saw him perform in NYC last month and he was great.
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[This is GOOD]
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Found myself looking for pictures within his paintings, think I could see other images too; anyone else?
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I hate Christopher Mars, and I hate his stupid paintings.

He's the whole reason the 'Mats don't reunite, and I think he's a complete punkass.

And a mediocre drummer. Yeah, that's right. I said it. "Take Me To The Hospital" notwithstanding.

Fantastic post though. We were in Mpls recently and meant to go to the Institute but ended up at the Walker instead.
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