This from the no-graphics page of the Progressive Review:
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This from the no-graphics page of the Progressive Review: "DAVID LETTERMAN has recently expressed interest in hosting a presidential debate and has not decided whether or not to include Ralph Nader. To express your view on this matter call the short at (212) 975-5300 and ask for Art."
Sounds like fun to watch if it's true, if it even plays out.
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I never do get tired of this kind of discussion, and I think (again, with the caveat that it may well be no more than entertainment media nonsense) that this is a good example of the private sector (for lack of a better term) picking up where the system fails.

Even if (presumably) Letterman and CBS would only be doing it for the ratings, at least they'd be doing it, instead of just stifling discussion in service to the status quo.
posted by dcehr at 1:17 PM on August 3, 2000

And Big Dave is raising an entertaining stink over Dubbya's refusal to commit to doing the debate. Of course, the last time he was on with Letterman, the Quasi-Junior Bush came across as not ready for Prime Time, Late Night or Public Access Cable TV...
posted by wendell at 7:16 PM on August 3, 2000

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