100 Years of New York City
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100 Years of New York City. A New York Times special, originally published in 1998. 'The following articles offer a glimpse into the past 100 years of New York City -- a decade at a time. Each decade includes a full time line prepared by the staff at The New York Times, photos from The Times archives, headline clippings from archive copies of The Times, and essays by noted authors and Times staff writers. '
The new born city, seen from above - a panorama from 1902.
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I love this post, and I love plep, and I don't care who knows it! I just finished reading the companion book to Ken Burns' PBS history of the city, and I'm in full fledged NYC Mania. Thanks for this, plep!
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You just made the list, jonson.

Does anyone have a direct link to a picture gallery page? On this site or another? I love NY architecture.
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squirrel, where does this list exist? I think (if I'm not remembering wrong) that you mentioned dg was on it too, so I'm thinking it's a good list, since dg is pretty cool), but I could be getting my mefites confused. Is the list publically available?
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"The city wouldn1t stand still long enough... " (from the second link)

You'd think they'd take the time to convert the fowled apostrophes. Guess the Grey Lady's editorial department has other things to worry about.
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fowled apostrophes

pigeon punctuation?
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Squirrel - Glass Steel and Stone's New York page is ok.
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Thanks, plep.
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