But will he wear the shirt?
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Remember Steve Burns, of Blue's Clues fame? We've discussed him here, and I have been desperately antsy for his album (delightful flashy thing) to come out. Well, according to my email today, it's about to! Check out his page and find out when he's playing near you, or if the video for Mighty Little Man is half as cool as the song itself.
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O. O dear.
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oooh and he's got facial hair. How gritty.
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I have a friend who is a dead ringer for Steve Burns. He also looks a lot like Jason Schwartzman, but the resemblance to Steve is uncanny.
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As the dad of a 4-yr-old and 2-yr-old, in an aggressively Barney-free house, all I can say is that someone who can somehow make 1,000 repeat viewings of the same damn thing bearable deserves whatever he can try and make from it. Beyond that, the songs on the site are actually pretty listenable, so more power to him.
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Hey, wish him well.. you can really hear the Flaming Lips in there. Not my type of music, but he seems talented and pretty ok. And he helped that salt shaker learn to spell.
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I wish I could have kept my home Barney-free... I just wasn't strong enough. I'm very glad my daughter has far outgrown that stage though!

More power to you LairBob
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oh my god... the music is actually good.
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Okay, I'll admit to thinking Steve was a cutie back in the early days of Blues Clues. And I enjoy his music. But this is what I don't get...

One the site and in the little flash thing, they seem to explain what he's doing this way:

Steve was on Blues Clues. He wore a green shirt all the time. Everyone loved him. He quit that job. Now he makes music. Here, listen to some of it.

Instead of:

Steve is a guy who makes cool music. Here, listen to it. Oh, by the way, he was that guy in the green shirt on Nick Jr.

I mean, sure, he's going to sell more albums if he uses his fame from Blues Clues, but the whole reason he quit the show was because he was afraid of being typecast for the rest of his life. If you say it's time to move on, then move on, Steve.
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I raised my son Barney-free-- I had him watch Animaniacs instead. He's 14, so this was in the days before Blue's Clues. I watch it with my husband's toddler, and it isn't too bad. It's certainly less awful than DragonTales, which just makes me want to tear my hair out. I have noticed that Steve's replacement on Blue's Clues seems kinda tone deaf and he just doesn't have the same charisma as Steve. The Toddler watches the old Steve re-runs raptly, but she wanders away from the new Joe episodes.

Anyway, the Dustmites music seems good... but I'm wondering if that's because it's actually good, or it sounds good just because it's not the abject horror I was expecting.
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I've been silently collecting Steve's music that's been trickling out since the few strumma-strumma songs that he posted on mp3.com several years ago. They weren't bad, but now with the massive production help he's gotten he's managed to shape them into some thing pretty darn good.

The flash seems to be have a little too much "Hey! He was on BLUE'S CLUES!!! And he's teamed up with some people from the FLAMING LIPS!!!" Just get to the songs and let people judge them for themselves.
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Bow bow bo bow bow bo bow? Bow bow!
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Absolutely good for him! I've heard that he is, despite the many bizarre rumors surrounding him, a pretty normal guy. The music is not bad...

And by the way, ask any single mom. Chicks dig this guy.
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yum, Rough-Trade Steve.

Saw him leaving a Depeche Mode concert a year or two ago. He looked great - My friends and I were quite impressed.
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