Digital Morphology, for when you really want to get up close and personal.
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Digimorph, headed by University of Texas professor Timothy Rowe, is a collection of 2D and 3D cross-sectional images of everything from dinosaur skulls to fertilized emu eggs. Using an advanced X-ray Computed Tomographic scanner, researchers are able to capture minute details of a subject's internal structure. DigiMorph provides data on almost 300 species in the form of Quicktime animations, 3D movies, and stereolithography files which can be used (with the proper tools) to create your own 3D specimen.

If you've ever wondered exactly what's up with the stimulating hummingbird or the confounding platypus, now's the perfect time to take a more in-depth look.
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Lychee, one of the people in that lab is an old buddy of mine from college. Thanks for the (oblique) aid in re-finding that person.

Oh, and that is one cool site!
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[this is good]
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[this is great!] [this is great!] [this is great!] [this is great!]
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This is neat. The bats are interesting and those Dynamic Cutaways are great.
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