World's largest picnic in Bryant Park
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Help NYC break the record for world's largest picnic... Local NYC cable access freaks The Unbelievable Show will be hosting an attempt at the Guinness-certified world's largest picnic in Bryant Park on Sunday, August 3rd. Hulabilly, a Hawaiian/Western Swing/Hot Jazz band will be there and donations will be accepted for City Harvest. Wherever you are, back away from the glow and enjoy the summer while you still can...
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neat... bring your laptops too. Lets stress test Bryant Parks free WiFi
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1. A head count of people taking part must be taken before the event, either by turnstile or by some other accurate method of counting. This is essential and must be done efficiently. The method to be used must be pre-approved by
Guinness World Records.

2. It should be a proper picnic with food and beverages with all participants bringing a picnic meal, either individually or as a group. As a minimum each person should have two ‘courses’ (e.g. a sandwich and fruit or cake) and a drink.

3. All participants should bring their own mats/rugs to sit on for the picnic.

4. All participants should be attending the picnic simultaneously – claims will not be entertained for a ‘rolling’ picnic where participants arrive and leave at various
intervals throughout the day.
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HEY!!!! They totally stole that Grass Picture on their homepage from my website!

Just kidding... sort-of. But it does seem likely they at least stopped by and got the idea there at some point. Interesting*.

*to me alone
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I'd love to come but I'll be at a different kind of party.
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