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Severn Cullis-Suzuki is best known as the eldest daughter of environmentalist David Suzuki, and famous for her speech at the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit. Since that time she has travelled internationally as a public speaker and environmental activist. Now Severn has chosen to break out of her father's shadow, and that of her childhood speech, to focus on grassroots projects that emphasize action instead of only talking about the state of the world. She is the founder of the Skyfish Project, a forum for environmental discussion. It is also where she first presented the Recognition of Responsibility to encourage individuals to take the pledge towards sustainable living.
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I've been familiar with David Suzuki's work for many years now, it's good to see that his daughter has followed in his footsteps (and yet is not riding his coattails nor hiding in his shadow). I wish her nothing but success in her endeavours, we need people like her to act as our collective conscience and remind us of what's really important in this world.

Great post, twos!
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Okay, so she broke from her father's shadow to focus on "projects that emphasize action instead of only talking about the state of the world" and she founds the Skyfish Project, "a forum for environmental discussion."
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You forgot to add that she's totally hot.
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Definitely a great post. I've never heard of her but am glad I now know about Skyfish. Thank you twos!
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I second what gen said above. I had not heard of either people prior to this post. Thanks for a very informative set of links. And congratulations on your very first thread!
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Just figured I'd dredge up an post I made in May that might be of interest to readers of this thread.

David Suzuki's Nature Challenge.
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pealco: Every organization needs a way to communicate.

Ultimately, the question is whether grassroots can produce results, or if diplomacy is the only way to accomplish anything. If Severn feels that diplomacy is ineffective then I give her kudos for trying to find something that works to produce change.
posted by twos at 8:21 AM on August 1, 2003

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