Should gay pets be allowed to poop indoors?
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Pet-a-potty. Want to let your dog experience the thrill of doing their business on nature's own newspaper, but are scared that a great big eagle might swoop down and snatch poor Speckles away from you? Problem solved! Here's a nice square patch of grass! In a box! On wheels! No kidding! Sometimes, I think it's not the pets that are the ones that need to be spayed and neutered...
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there's an image in the slide show of a turd actually hanging out of a dog that's just ... unnecessary. revolting.
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Okay, this is actually Not Stupid in principle.

Really, you don't want to paper-train a dog, to the extent that you can avoid it. Paper training teaches the dog that it's actually okay to crap in the house, and prolongs the housebreaking process. Whatcha really want to do is watch the pup like a hawk and make sure, REAL DAMN SURE, that it never does its horrible sinful business in the house.

But that's not feasible for most people, so they need to paper-train. But... Having a wee plot of grass instead of papers would at least help reinforce to the pup that you ONLY crap on grass.

That said, the product itself *is* stupid. Put a piece of sod in a litter box. When the sod is skanky, chuck it and get a new one. Problem solved, case closed.
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We guarentee fine craftsmenship

We can at least minimally promise that it will be better than our spelling.
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That is just plain wrong. If you have to bring gras into the house for your dog, maybe you should question whether you have the facilities for a dog in the first place.
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clever, but an easy thing to make yourself like ROU_.. says. I've trained my cats in grassfilled boxes so that they learn going outside is okay. Nothing is quite as silly as a cat running back indoors to the litterbox when they need to go.
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....but are scared that a great big eagle might swoop down and snatch poor Speckles away from you?

My wife brought this dog home once.... a tiny little toy Chihuahua . I hated that dog. All it did was shake and piss. So, one day, while it was outside playing in the yard - a squirrel killed it.

No kidding. It was always barking at the squirrels, and I guess one of them just got annoyed. I heard this terrible squealing, looked outside, and there it was - a squirrel ripping that damn dog apart.
I think personally, if you are scared of birds or small animals attacking your dog - perhaps you need to think about a bigger dog.
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brad, you got some badass squirrels, yo. But I bet my puppy would fuck their shit UP.
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bradth27: you've GOT to keep the story straight.
now, repeat after me.
you haven't seen the dog since squirrels killed your wife.
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My squirrel's breath smells like dog.
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...scared that a great big eagle might swoop down and snatch poor Speckles away from you?

I saw a clip on one of those amazing-home-video TV shows where this father and his young son had a rodent pet (hamster or guinea pig or something -- I don't remember) sitting on top of its cage in the backyard. Suddenly this brown blur streaked across the screen and the boy's pet was being carried off into the sunset by a bird of prey. Naturally the kid was pretty hysterical. It was amazing to see, though -- that bird scored a perfect hit at incredible speed. Didn't even nick the cage.

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