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posted by lagado (11 comments total)
That site is *out* there! You should write a review of it in Astounding Websites.

Of course I can't figure out what the point of this animation of the four leather clad biker girls is about....

Oh wait... that's a Rorschach Ink Blot Test, aint it....?
Forget I said anything! :0)
posted by CyberPal at 7:07 PM on August 5, 2000

This is an absolutely BRILLIANT site. Holy shit, it's outstanding. Go, go now, go fast, go go go!

It's all about image manipulation and amazing effects and mathematics and craziness! I feel a massive rush after having been that.

I cannot rave enough.
posted by cCranium at 7:10 PM on August 5, 2000

can i just say that putting a java applet on the front page of metafilter is really f**king annoying


posted by sawks at 11:27 PM on August 5, 2000

Sorry, Rorschach died at the end of Watchmen.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 1:10 AM on August 6, 2000

Is it just me, or does that applet seem to be on a seperate layer?I'm using NS4.74
posted by Bane at 1:56 AM on August 6, 2000

Can I jump on the bandwagon of goodnatured Lagado bashing? I wholeheartedly concur with Skallas and Sawks. There is never a suitable reason for using java applets or graphic files in Metafilter posts. Please just link to it. Nice site. I especially liked "The Shortcut." Lots of good ideas with promise for more, encouraging repeat linkage. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

What does it mean when all Rorschach images look like masks and faces to me? ..Just wondering..

This is an example of copyright infringement getting in the way of properly spreading information. The Rorschach test concept has been patented or copyrighted or whatefver you call it. Lots of books on the subject. So consequently if you do a search for Rorschach, chances are all you'll find on the 'Net are websites trying to sell you books about the topic without actually answering any significant questions. The Classical Rorschach is one of few sites that actually had any meat whatsoever. And that was scant at best. Is this right or wrong? Shouldn't psychiatrists competing in the field of sciences have control of their findings and only share them with people who pay? How else can these thinkers make a living? I'm not questioning the validity of that here.

I will say this though. Y'know where Rorschach originally got his idea? Watching children play a game based on similar principles to what later became his research. Should the company that owned the game have sued Rorschach for stealing their idea? Rorschach died prematurely, less than five years after he started his work on the inkblots. Others have picked up where he left off. Four or more different schools of thought, in fact. A wide range of philosophies and strategies to approach this idea. What if only one of these groups was allowed to continue, because they bought the rights and denied anyone else the right to explore this further? The guy who made bewitched.com has this idea involving graphic searches and using a computer to combine different pictures in a mosaic fashion. He's wanting to expand the idea to allow interactivity, so anyone can 'play along' with his experimentation. He doesn't have to do this. He chooses to do this. No one is forcing him to try and create more interactivity, but he's learned the results are better than keeping all the fun to himself. He shared the logic behind the sound-art too, although he didn't have to.

It is when we as individuals share things with other people that magical things happen more readily, and breakthroughs in science, art, and the humanities are only slowed down by restrictions on the exchange of information. And that's my soapbox for this particular nanosecond.
posted by ZachsMind at 9:35 AM on August 6, 2000

Apologies to everyone for posting the applet on the main page. I guess I got a little carried away 1. with the site in question 2. with possibility of posting any html at all on metafilter. I actually regretted doing it moments afterwards but with no way to undo what was done, oh well. I did look around for guidelines and whether this issue had been raised on metatalk. I realise now that I'm opening up the possibility of people doing much much worse. Public logs are very vulnerable to malicious posts. Sorry again, folks.
posted by lagado at 5:00 PM on August 6, 2000

I like it. Especially "The Short Cut" and "Wallpaper." It reminds me of another site done entirely in grey, but I can't remember the URL. Should anyone know of the site, please post it here.

Grow up, guys and girls. Honestly, an applet doesn't *really* slow things down too badly (this is coming from someone who has had to endure a 28k connection this summer). It's harmless, especially since you can just choose to look at something else while the applet loads.
posted by evilmaryellen at 8:47 AM on August 7, 2000

Don't get me wrong, lagado, evilmary... I think the applet above is cool! I thought it was an animated .gif.

Like I said in metatalk, this Rorschach *alone* is worthy of discussion here.....
BTW, is that the new trend in metatalk? Has the fear of going off-topic now spurred the need for multiple postings of the *same topic* but with different questions?

Not bitching... just asking a question.
posted by CyberPal at 10:30 AM on August 7, 2000

Yeah, but it *does* display poorly in NS4.7. I think it's a CSS interaction; every picture anyone's ever put on MF hung down over the next posting for me.
posted by baylink at 12:55 PM on August 8, 2000

Well, Jeez, Baylink...

Maybe you shouldn't use Netscape. ;0)
posted by CyberPal at 3:26 PM on August 8, 2000

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