Fable - a gothic tale of good and evil
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Fable ...There once was a boy with a mind of his own. Alone in a dangerous world, his destiny, the paths of good and evil... Built like a children's book with tabs that you toggle, choose your path in this gothic tale. The site is a beautifully designed promo for the upcoming xbox game release, but worth a visit for the illustrations and execution alone. (caveats: flash site that opens in a pop-up window, contains sound.)
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I felt like I was trapped in the old "Slow Talkers of America" Bob and Ray routine. It takes about ten minutes for the text on each page to write itself out. But maybe you folks with faster computers will enjoy.
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Choose Your Own Adventure comes to the Internet. Anybody remember those?

gametone, I can relate. My monitor is pretty small and I can only push the pop-up window up so far, so I can only view about three-quarters of the pages. Will have to try this at work.
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makes me wish I had an xbox... which is half the point, I guess.
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Good post MJJ just for the fact that I had completely forgotten about this. Game Informer magazine did a big story on Fable a few months ago. It seems pretty impressive with a huge replay value. If this one lives up to the hype I may have to finally go in on a Xbox.
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found that site a bit much, however did some diggin around.

sounds like a game that will take me even closer to single life.

screenshots here
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Lionhead Studios, eh? It seems almost disappointing that they're going with the whole good/evil thing as a concept, considering they nearly crashed and burned with it with Black & White.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't be getting it to play on my XBox. Heh.
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I just looked at the images Frasermoo linked to, and it is very similar to Black & White, right down to the look 'n' feel of the creatures, and the tattoos/markings on the one hero on the first page.

Heh, Fight Club!
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Lionhead are doing it eh? Didn't realise that. Respect to Peter Molyneaux, I have been to a couple of his parties. They were worthy.
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wells, I think the good/evil concept played out just fine in Black & White. The flaw in B&W is that the actual gameplay deteriorated into repetitive micromanagement. There was a lot of innovation in graphics and AI, but all that sugar-coating only delays the point when you realize that the game is boring.

Also: nifty flash, if a bit resource-hungry.
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Hopefully this virtual world will actually have a game attached to it...
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The Lionhead name on the front page was enough to make me close the window. I still haven't forgiven them for Black and White. (I'm a gamer grrl with a grudge.)
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