ProSite has an interesting staff.
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ProSite has an interesting staff. They all look like pretty average guys. And a click on Gordon Hay's glasses pretty much confirms that, yeah, there's nothing too special here.

(Found on The Register. Oh, and you may want to keep your mouse on the stop button...)
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ahhhhhhhhhhh, the at-mo-sphere, ahhhhhhhhhhhh the at-mo-sphere.
posted by corpse at 9:04 PM on August 5, 2000

cor, they could never be as cool as the Pyrates could they?

All those Prosite boys look like Gryff Rhys-Jones, the bloke who's doing those cringe-worthy Vauxhall commercials here in the UK.
posted by williamtry at 2:08 AM on August 6, 2000

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