he's got stones
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Beliefs about Saddam -- some Iraqis find it difficult to believe that their former ruler can die. "How can we really be sure he's gone for good?" asked Hassam Sahar, 45, an engineer. "We can't trust the U.S. and Britain. They left once before." Some believe that Saddam has links to the occult [audio file] ranging from a djinn kept in a stone to magic practiced by his mother, which are based in folk islam [google cache 1 2 3] Western occultists, too, have something to say about Saddam.
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Words that embody your presence are "Authority, Compulsion, Intimidation, Sterility".
Words that embody things that may be a part of you are "Drama, Hell".

damn! these celebrity horoscopes are getting gooood.
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Sadistic autocrat defeats death applying magic? How unbelievable; surely scientific evidence invalidates necromancy.

apologies. I no longer have the power to comment unacronymously.
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Who needs all that when you've got a crashed UFO??
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