Philly's finest vs. protesters,
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Philly's finest vs. protesters, which is completely unsurprising. What more could validate the argument that our civil rights are in a sad state of affairs. What was surprising is that Coyote Ugly isn't the T&A fest the commercials would have us believe it is, for shame movie marketers. Even more suprising: Body doubles.
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As far as Coyote Ugly goes, I thought that the Maxim article where they went to the real bar in Manhattan for a night was pretty interesting. Complete with quicktime movies of women pouring hard liquor down the throats of their more-than-willing patrons.
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I told my friends again and again, it's PG-13 - forget it - no matter how hot they look in the commercials...
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On the topic of the protests I would put little value in the accounts of two people on the protestors side. I'm sick and tired of these guys violating the law then screaming police brutality when the law is enforced. There is room and need for protest and discourse, but not like this.
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Even if you're right about police brutality being nonexistant (which I'm VERY skeptical about) I can't see how inhumane prison conditions are legal. Or is that also just another lie to you?
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Just a point of fact, these protesters weren't in prison, they were in a county jail which is a much different animal. Moreover, they were in (what was intended to be) a short-term holding facility within a county jail. (As opposed to facilities for those bound over for trial or serving short-term jail sentences.) They were not in the custody of the Philadelphia Police Department, they were in the custody (and under the alleged mistreatment) of the correctional facility and its officers. Yes, there were undoubtedly abuses on the streets of Philadelphia (where's Bruce when you need him?) and in transport, but we need to place accountability and blame at the proper doorsteps.
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