Chinese Diaspora
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Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation. A page full of stories of the Chinese community in Australia around 1900. 'At this time there were almost 35,000 Chinese in the Australian colonies. Each of these individuals to varying degrees has played a role in the development of Australia. This page explores the lives of some of these people - both ordinary and famous. '
Related :- the Ng Shing Gung in San Jose; the Mai Wah Society and the Asian heritage of Butte, Montana (old building and the Tong Wars); the Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle; a Chinese joss house in Darwin; Chinatown Melbourne (history, today, virtual tour); Chinatown Sydney (community and culture); Yema-po, once a Chinese labourers' work camp in California.
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Heaps more Chinese diasporic links here.
posted by plep at 10:02 AM on August 7, 2003

Plep, these are fantastic. The Chinese (including half of my family) were globalising centuries before the term was invented. Great links! I've already sent them out to other people.
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Good stuff, plep. Thanks!
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When I think of plep, I imagine him sitting, serene like the Buddha, with all of human knowledge at his fingertips, just plugged into the mainline of history. Thanks again, plep.
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homunculus, that's fantastic--perfect plepness in action.

Now, where the heck can I get my own little interwebnet Buddha?
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Here! There's also a squeak monk with cell phone and coffee.
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Weaverville Joss House in California.

Video of Joss House.
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Thanks homunculus, those links are great. (And yeah, I have pretty big ears in real life too ;) ). And jokeefe, you are far too complimentary to me (not that I mind!) - just don't confuse me with Lobsang Rampa, eh?? :)
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