Rap into a Slim Jim!
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SINGLES FROM CD LOOKS TO BE A SMASH HITS! We’ve seen some silly side projects from wrestlers before, from Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman to Jesse Ventura to Pastamania to the Ultimate Warrior’s "University"(He defines such terms as destrucity. You can’t make that stuff up). But Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s new rap album ought to take the cake. Of course, comedy gold of all types is mined at Wrestlecrap, which makes even non-fans weep with laughter.
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Not to mention, of course, the meta-side projects like the XFL and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
posted by norm at 11:39 AM on August 8, 2003

Don't forget Hulk Hogan's seminal album Hulk Rules, which is so spectacularly, flamboyantly awful I make sure to spin it whenever someone visits my home for the first time just to make sure they have the right sense of humor. Download it, trust me. I've seen people actually crumple to the ground in laughter/misery after "experiencing" the first few tracks (one of which was covered by another wonderful-awful band, Moldy Peaches).
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Was I dreaming or did I see the Ultimate Warrior on C-SPAN in a suit this week? I'd take his platform a lot more serious if his suit had those little strings at the elbows.
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norm: the UFC has nothing to do with pro-wrestling.

Fans of mix martial arts, like UFC, owe it to themselves to check out the Pride promotion. Awesome fighters, equally awesome fights. For more info, check out MMANews.com.
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Big deal. I'm waiting for the website that gives us an overview of all the tasteful, dignified, inspiring moments in professional wrestling -- a site that spotlights high cultural achievements of professional wrestling, the moments when professional wrestling ennobled humanity, enriched our moral sensibilities, and enhanced our spiritual and intellectual relationship with the universe. Where is that site?
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norm: the UFC has nothing to do with pro-wrestling.

Don't be so sure. Check out the link I posted; Vince McMahon is involved in the promotion (and I believe the ownership) side of the arrangement, and there have been crossovers between the "sports."

One more: the World Bodybuilding Federation.
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"Macho Man paved a path in the wading pool of wrestling, now it's time for him to make bigger waves in the musical pool."

That's the best mixed metaphor I've seen all week.
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He's makin' something in the pool, and it ain't waves.
posted by dhoyt at 2:20 PM on August 8, 2003

Ken Shamrock and Tank Abbott doing pro wrestling is not a crossover, norm. There've been mixed martial arts fighters going back and forth between worked (or fake, as everyone else likes to call it) pro wrestling and real mixed martial arts for a long time, mostly in Japan, where there are quite frequent crossovers by fighters and wrestlers.

Vince McMahon is not involved with the promotion or ownership of UFC, though there've been rumours in the near past of him being interested in buying the company. Your facts weren't straight.
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Meh. He's no Captain Lou Albano. I liked his Space Ghost episode though.
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dhoyt, that's beautiful. You made my morning.
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