How Do I Make the Particles Accelerate?
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At Fermilab, one of about seventy high energy particle accelerators on the planet, scientists offer day-by-day, hour-by-hour reports of experimental progress and setbacks. Science in action looks tedious. This reads like a particle physics blog.
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At 4:21 PM, a Linac RF station (KRF4) tripped off due to a LCW flow fault. Operators beat on the flow sensor and it started working again.

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thatweirdguy2: Funny, indeed! (I was about to post the same quote.)
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What's Fermilab doing on the World-Wide Web? Next I'll expect CERN to join in...
An obscure WWW joke. Kids, ask your Grandpappy...
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At 3:52 PM, the Pbar stack was lost. Experts found that an Accumulator quadrupole power supply took a current jump due to a bad transistor.

OK, now you're just making shit up...
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I live about 10 miles from Fermi. They also have a film series, lectures, and buffalo.
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...oh, yeah, and some cool sculptures.
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Live collisions from CDF and D0

"Note: When no collisions are occurring, CDF and D0 will show events from their "Greatest Hits" collection."

Heh. (If just for my inability to offer any intelligent commentary on the subject.)
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Yay! Finally, a FPP about my livelihood. If you want real "particle physics blog" action, you can read the CDF and D0 and MCR (i.e. Tevatron, etc.) e-logs.
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Call me when they find a quonsar.*

*I eschewed intelligent commentary long ago.
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