I call mine my 'sourdough pancake powered mower'
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If you're looking for a time machine that also cuts grass, look no further than the Reel Lawn Mower History and Preservation Project. After you mow, you can host a croquet party!
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I've been toying with making a FPP on reel mowers for a few weeks. Odd.

Just moved into a house a month or so ago, and bought a reel mower. I really couldn't be happier. It's better for the grass, gives me a bit of a workout (though it's really not that difficult). Plus, I don't have to deal with the noise and danger, don't have to breath noxious fumes, and can enjoy my time at my pace while listening to the birds.

My friends laughed, until they tried it. It's smooth and simple, and rewarding. And a decent compromise, given my only other FPP.
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I have a reel mower, and I like it much better than a gas or electric mower except for one small thing: it doesn't cut the big long rapidly growing prairie grass type weeds that festoon at least half of our front yard. You know the ones with the seed pod on top that we did the "Miss Susie had a baby and her head popped off" thing to as kids? So while I'm having a good time zooming around with my quiet, less alergy inducive, work-out facilliating reel mower, my poor significant other has to go around behind me and pull the tall grasses up by hand.

As a result, we only cut the grass about once a month. The neighborhood association just loves us.

Still, with regular grass, or crab grass, or any kind of short grass-like weeds, this things is aces and for city dwellers like me with small yards and close neighbors, I think a reel mower is a good choice. Just not so much if you have mutant prairie grass like we do. (What the hell is that stuff? And how can we get rid of it without poisoning everything else?)
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We just moved into a new home as well and so far I've been borrowing the neighbor's gas mower. I fill the gas can, so don't label me as 'that' neighbor!

It's also kind of surreal as this is our first house and the first time since I left home that I've been responsible for the lawn. It had always been a matter of contention between my father and I. "Have you mown the lawn yet?" So when I finally had a lawn of my own to take care of and I found myself relishing the task, it was one of those "So this is being grown up... huh" moments.

I had been researching the RoboMower and where it would satisfy my tech lust, it probably wouldn't do so good with the lawn's hills and divots - not to mention the cost. My wife wanted us to get a reel push mower and now I think that might be the right thing.

good post, thanks
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I don't know about the rest of you, but we used dandilions, and it was our Mommy's head that popped off.
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Anyone who wishes to "meditate" is welcome on my lawn approximately once a week.

I remember using a push mower that the previous owners of the house I grew up in left behind, but it was sold at a garage sale. I inherited a gas powered mower, but I've always wanted to give the reel mower another try.
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Give it a try Grimey. The new models are easy to use and clean, no bagging necessary.
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