Revolution or... vodka?
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Revolution or... vodka? The photographer who took the unforgettable (and much imitated) picture of Che Guevara, which still covers the cracks on many a student wall, may have to travel from Cuba to London to prevent an ad agency from using it to sell Smirnoff. "Che was not a drunk," he says. Not the first time that the revolution has been appropriated by the capitalist running dogs...
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Some time back on the BBC World Service they had an interview with Alberto Korda, the guy who took the photo. Basically, this kind of copyright infringement happens all the time, he said that he has a team of lawyers in France who sue people who use the photo. Sometime in the past, it was used by a camera company and that pissed him off badly. Personally, I think the guy is a bit of a legend, he seems to have a lot of freedom, in comparision with other Cubans, and has travelled to America many times, but still hates America.
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travelled to America many times, but still hates America.

Why? Doesn't he have distant "Miami relatives" to take him to Disneyland?
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