Too close to the lens.
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Sudden Giant Nostril Gallery. Not as horrid as you'd imagine. Photos taken of animals, with the nose of the critter waaaay close to the camera lens. Actually, some images are pretty funny. And, no, this post has no intellectual merit. Step along, please.
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Not as horrid as you'd imagine

posted by jonson at 10:08 PM on August 17, 2003

"Sudden Giant Nostril Gallery" must be a completely novel utterance, a sequence of words that had never, in the history of the world, been put together in that order before.

(The "mataglap" and "The Welcome Rain" stuff is a reference to a most excellent science fiction novel called Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams.)
posted by kindall at 10:27 PM on August 17, 2003

Good lord, jonson, that one looks like something out of Fantastic Voyage.

That one aside, it seems to be harmless amusement.
posted by pmurray63 at 11:13 PM on August 17, 2003

What terrifies me more... that there's a site devoted to this... of that there's a WEB RING devoted to this?
posted by KnitWit at 4:52 AM on August 18, 2003

Beware! Pussy joke.
posted by jpburns at 6:00 AM on August 18, 2003

bah, jpburns beat me to it. I'll just say here kitty kitty...
posted by dabitch at 7:21 AM on August 18, 2003

This web is now complete and over.
posted by squirrel at 10:48 AM on August 18, 2003

Seen it before, but it was called THE DOG. I've got a little Shiba looking at me from on top of the monitor, and a few others scattered through the house, not to mention the stationary sets and stickers...

posted by atholbrose at 12:05 AM on August 19, 2003

As is so often the case, those obsessive japanese have shown us the way forward - puppies! (and the odd kitten)
posted by Gamecat at 9:14 AM on August 21, 2003

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