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Community Memory : the world's first public computerized bulletin board system, set up in 1972 with an ASR-33 Teletype machine. Also, please welcome Benway, possibly the world's first net personality (beating Miguel and Quonsar by a couple of weeks). More on Benway in Steven Levy's book Hackers.
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Great post! I remember reading about Community Memory here. (You have to scroll a bit, it's a text file. Look for the interview with Lee Felsenstein.)

RIP Computer History Assn. of California.
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Others stake a claim to the "first" BBS. My earliest experience with online conversations was on the Chicago-based CBBS.

Sometimes I long for the days of watching the words leisurely scroll by at 300 baud. I did have some horrendous phone bills in those days, though.
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Very cool - thanks for posting this one!
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A tragedy that the data itself does not live on, for surely -that- would be a legacy.
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I enjoyed this - thanks nylon.
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Excellent post.

(Based on the sample given, I suspect Benway was quonsar.)
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[this is good]
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