In the UK, it seems marrying the wrong guy strips you of political expression.
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In the UK, it seems marrying the wrong guy strips you of political expression. Cherie Blair, Tony Blair's wife, apparently had the nerve -- the nerve! -- to write an article about her professional field, which is employment law. Jeez, next thing you know, she'll be asking for UK citizenship, or the vote, or something.
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haha! Wow, nice post. Of all the people!!! The British. "US-style first lady". haha. great stuff.
posted by tiaka at 10:28 AM on August 8, 2000

Of course, the criticism comes from the kind of Tory MPs who think that the woman's place is either in the home or smiling in her twin-set on the campaign photo. (Of the 121 female MPs, only 14 are Conservatives, as opposed to 101 Labour.)
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A better report can be found here. This really isn't a noteworthy incident, comments from a junior opposition party member are hardly the same as being stripped of political expression.
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Hey, you're right, that is a better piece. Look at this gem:

"We in the Conservative Party operate on a collective basis."

Noooooooooo one expects the Tory Collective!

Anyway, note the word "seems" in my headline. That is, implicit in the criticism of Mrs. Blair is that, as the PM's wife, she's ceded all rights to political expression. "There's one first lady in Britain, and that's the Queen."

Of course, if she disagreed with Mr. Blair, the Tories might be singing a different, er, um, collective tune. :)

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Actually, I like what the other Conservative guy, Mr Bottomley, says.Heavens above if a QC who is a specialist on Employment Law cannot comment on Employment Law that is just totally stupid.The funny thing is the Tories don't understand why they stink (Hint: Stupid comments and Mr. "vague" Hague) and why it will take until 2007 before they have a chance of regaining power.
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