Philadelphia Freedom: The Art of Murals
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From the website: "Since its inception in 1984, the Mural Arts Program has completed more murals than any other public art program in the nation - more than 2,300 indoor and outdoor murals throughout Philadelphia." To find a specific Philly mural by artist or location, try this.
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These are great to look at while traveling around the city. They're landmarks; "meet me at 10th & Bainbridge across from the mural" etc. They accent the stunning architecture of Philly & allow younger artists to do something "larger than life."
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amazing stuff. thanks! just one of my favorites.
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Whenever I go into Philly with my daughter we have a little challenge - first one to spot a mural we've never seen before buys dinner. Now I am armed with the address of every mural in town. I will be eating lots of free dinners. Thank you, moonbird!
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This is good. Thanks, moonbird.
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[this is good]

Philly is a city with many problems, but its mural art is outstanding, and a pleasure to everyone who enters the city. Thanks, moonbird!

Sadly, there are worries that the murals may not be maintained. Paint exposed to weather deteriorates with time, and people are always more enthusiastic about funding the painting of a mural than they are about the dull but necessary business of keeping it in good condition.
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It was a clever solution to a nasty problem - graffiti - and it worked.

I remember how the city looked as a kid and this project, amongst others, has transformed it for the better.
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My favorite has always been Common Threads, which is just down the block from my high school, with the most fun possibly being this untitled one.

Surfing the archive has proven to be an interesting experience; as a non-driver, i primarily give driving instructions to my friends based on visual cues rather than street names and a few of these murals have come up before. It's nice to be able to put a name to them now (and, hey, i can paste them into my driving directions!). I just wish the site included more photography, especially of the extremely ornate West Philly neighborhood murals that surround my apartment.
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poopy, don't come to Philly looking for your favorite, 'cause it now exists only as a photo. There's a parking lot where that building was.
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