28 states have filed suit against the five big record companies
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28 states have filed suit against the five big record companies and two music retailers for conspiring to fix CD prices. Perhaps sometime in the near future I will actually be able to afford new compact discs. Until then, I'll have to amuse myself by laughing at the RIAA.
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So that's why Sam Goody, and record Town especially, are always so unbelievably over-priced. I thought they were just incredibly stupid.
posted by Awol at 3:26 PM on August 8, 2000

Awesome! I expect someday the economics textbooks will list the Napster phenomenon as a response to price fixing, bringing about a market correction in the music industry. That's oversimplification to some degree, but in a macro view you could read it that way. Verrrry interesting.
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Do we really need this lawsuit? Once CDs catch on, the prices are sure to drop . . .
posted by alana at 4:32 PM on August 8, 2000

I always thought music at Sam Goody's was so damn expensive because of the high rent they pay at the malls
posted by gyc at 8:00 PM on August 8, 2000

I can recall several years ago, Compaq accused Packard Bell of 'recycling' older 'used' hardware into newer machines. Once CPQ made that accusation, the entire industry turned its attentions to Compaq's own activities, needling them with every little iota of questionable behavior to which they had been partaking. Eventually Compaq quit pointing out the splinters in others eyes for the planks in their own.

When one starts making accusations and playing the court games, they run the risk of being taken to the cleaners themselves. Tit for tat. Blind justice, how I love thee! The members of the RIAA have had this coming to them.
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The RIAA is a joke! I dont care much for Prince but Im proud of him for speaking out against Time/Warner, he is one of the few artists who have the courage to do so.I have boycotted the five labels and will NEVER buy another cd from them ever! I wish everyone would do the same and put them out of business. Only 1% of their artists actually owns the copyright to their own songs.They are modern times slaveowners who only care about one thing MONEY. They have been ripping off artists and cd buyers for way too long.
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