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The new issue of CBC Radio 3’s online magazine (Flash required) has a new piece today called Self Storage, an interview with self-storage landlord Hal Spradling, mixed with photographs of abandoned storage lockers. People who place their belongings here know that if they don’t pay their rent after “X” amount of days, their stuff goes to auction, so is this a problem? Or, like “Payday Loans!” is this yet another industry preying on powerless individuals? [previous “Payday Loans!” discussion]
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This is good. Didn't know about this magazine, but it's very nicely done - thanks.
posted by pascal at 8:56 AM on August 22, 2003

Did anyone else just get an ad for a Breeders concert from the second link? I don't want to look at Kelly Deal's Nico-esque Scag Hag/Scary Alcoholic Neighbor face! I want the article!
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Oops! Blocked pop-up! Really, really cool!
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Great, great site. (And I forgive the use of Flash, because it works perfectly.) And better that old stuff finds an owner who's prepared to do something with it than it be left to rot or junked, and superseded by new stuff knocked out of a sweatshop. Stuff is meant to circulate.
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I can't believe this post didn't catch on. Man, my second FPP post to be ignored in as many weeks. There is so much to discuss with the CBC piece, yet no takers.

For one, the storage space landlord saying how he "didn't like to sell people's stuff" but that people left him no choice because they couldn't pay the $700 in overdue rent, and that he would offer to only charge half if they would remove their belongings.

How sad is this? It seems like a no win situation to me.
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Quartermass -- as much as I love the CBCRadio3 webzine, I'm thinking that this piece isn't the sort of thing that warrants discussion, or at least not in the direction your FPP wanted to take.

It's sad, but it's not "victimizing the powerless." The forgotten stuff is a burden on the landlord because it's taking up space that's presumably costing him rent and insurance, while not generating revenues. So it might be sad that someone will lose their coveted Blue Jays memorabilia, but it's not like they're losing a house or job. It's just stuff.

With that said, though, it's a great photo essay. The soundtrack synchronizes music and voice extremely well, reminding me of episodes of This American Life, and it's nice to see CBCRadio3 getting the hang of doing radio documentary stuff (their previous episodes like Powerview Graduation were mediocre or hit'n'miss) which just builds off their already excellent photo essay work.
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