I can get it for you at wholesale.
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So I Google search on the SoBig virus' affinity for UDP port 8998, and the possibility it may be downloading additional programs this afternoon(actually, right about now). Great, more filters on the routers. Hang on, what's this result on that first search? A link to PornResource? Why, it appears to be a news and technical site for porn site operators. News, guides, interviews, top designers, host reviews, even a message board. Of course, a site billed as "The Standard for Up-To-Date Adult Webmaster News" is NSFW. Unless you are BossHawg, of course.
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and this merits another SoBig fpp, rather than a reply to the existing one, why?
posted by Outlawyr at 12:30 PM on August 22, 2003

so, i was at band camp and i was searching for a gravy boat only instead i found a thermofork spatula.
posted by quonsar at 12:38 PM on August 22, 2003

Now, certain it is to be revealed, how to ensnare hapless browsers in: Endless pop-ups, screen filling windows with no close buttons, and fruitless 'Vote to Access pr0n!' dialogs!
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and this merits another SoBig fpp, rather than a reply to the existing one, why?

'Cause it's about pr0n. Duh.
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Plo chops?
posted by Outlawyr at 1:06 PM on August 22, 2003

Plo chops indeed.
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haha cool link. it's amazing that a site like FartHammer actually needed a professional web design job done.
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The link to top adult website designers has no mention of suicidegirls.com, so I'm inclined to dismiss it.

Oh, and a friend of mine told me that suicidegirls was designed well. . . Yeah, that's it.
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suicidegirls.com was mentioned in a work seminar once by a colleague who had no idea what the contents were -- he said he'd picked it up from a Usenet discussion on CSS/table-less HTML Design That Looks Good.

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it's a big industry, really.. i remember back in the days when i worked for Verio, one of our admins who had a sidejob was a sysadmin for a major porn hoster... he had bandwidth capabilities beyond our main link to the region :)
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