Photographs from the Okanagan Fire
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Okanagan Moutain Fire Here are some photos taken of a forest fire in British Columbia. So far I've seen evacuation numbers ranging from 5000 to 15000 people so far.
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I hope that doesn't become the model for our new forestry program. Damn. great shots of a hell on earth, thanks. (not sarcastic in second sentence, BTW)
posted by Busithoth at 4:18 PM on August 22, 2003

but how many people so far?
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That was a place my family was considering moving to, about 12 years ago.
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grumble... that's what I get for trying to post as quickly as I can before my boss walks by.
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More news on the fires and evacuation here--the situation is no joke (not that anyone is joking about it). The fire is seriously threatening a medium sized city.
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The site is the best one I have found. Recent numbers are about 30,000 on evacuation order(they legally must evacuate) My parents just left their home about an hour ago when they heard the order. Over a hundred homes burned so far...etc.
posted by nasim at 11:15 PM on August 22, 2003

Old old buddy of mine and his wife live there, and just bought a house.

He's a bit on edge, I think.
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Nasim must be living in this area, too; what he's saying is what our local stations are reporting.

This is a big fire. One-third the city is now evacuated. An area larger than the entirety of Washington DC has been burned, and the fire continues to spread like... well, like wildfire. It's the largest evacuation in Canadian history.

and my petty gripe is this: we've had no firefighters from outside BC helping out. every year, we send our firefighters to other provinces, the US, and even Australia at times... but either we're refusing help or not being offered help in return. idiocy.
posted by five fresh fish at 10:49 AM on August 23, 2003

On the front page of the Globe and Mail this morning, a photograph of the fire closing in on the city lights of Kelowna. 203 houses now destroyed, 30,000 people evacuated. (Link is to front page of the paper and is subject to change...)
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fff we're refusing help simply because we can't guarantee safety or training.

Also man power doesn't help much when your resources or the ability to distribute those resources are limited.
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All the outside folk our firefighters support can't guarantee their safety, nor that they're adequately trained (they have to take our word for it.) Doesn't stop our guys from leaving the province.

I see today that we're getting outside help now, though. Seems a little late; the fire was plenty big enough when it was still within the park boundaries. Now it's more than big, it's absolutely collosal. Personally, I think it's well beyond human control at this point. We can encourage it away from homes, but it ain't gonna stop until we get a big rainfall.

Disclaimer: IANAFF.
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