He still loves you though!
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Farewell America. After six years, The Observer's award-winning US correspondent Ed Vulliamy takes his leave.
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I didn't know that bunnyfire worked for the Observer
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I'm a big fan of Ed Vulliamy. Way back when the Serbian war was going on, I was working in a record store in London. Vulliamy's (superb) articles were getting an awful lot of attention in the Guardian - he'd just exposed the Serbian camps where thousands of Bosnian men were being held. It was late on in the evening, just before we closed, and in puffed this large man with a large forehead and large amounts of hair. I thought I recognised him (he'd been interviewed on tv a few nights before) but his credit card clinched it. So as I handed him his bag, I said thanks to him for the excellent reports. He did a double-take and stepped back in amazement with his mouth open. 'I've never been recognised before', he said. 'That's amazing.' He really was quite astonished. We chatted for a bit about the war and then he invited me out for a beer after work. A fine evening was had by all, with scurrilous rumours about celebrities, politicians and footballers flying around. I bought one round the whole night, and that by an enormous amount of insistence. He's a great bloke. His dispatches from America have been superb.

The fact that he was buying a Yes album only momentarily dimmed his star in my eyes.
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What a sad, beautiful essay.
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Also, Vulliamy will be live on Guardian Unlimited Talk, 27 August, 2 pm BST, talking about 'the transformation of the United States'.
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