2000 EB173 gets a name
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Large rock named Huya! 3 years after being discovered a large object (?) orbiting the sun has been named.
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"We cannot be alone in the universe," he told reporters. "It's like thinking there is only one elephant in the jungle." And anybody who thinks we are alone should join the flat earth society.
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So where is everyone?
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HOO-HAH!! Al Pacino must be a very happy man.
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Oh come on, do they think we are really fooled? THAT my friends is a death star....
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i have a bad feeling about this
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And here I thought HUYA was the acronym for Head Up Your Ass.
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[H]ua. heard quite a bit in blackhawk down. reportedly stands for heard, understood, acknowledged.

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History of the Hoo-Ah: Tracking an exclamation.

Though hailed at the time of its discovery as the 2nd largest asteroid after Ceres, both have since been outstripped in apparent diameter by Quaoar, Varuna, and Ixion. All are Trans-Neptunian Objects, fka the (posited, but unconfirmed) Kuiper Belt of outer asteroids. Though the IAU wussed out, clearly Pluto is no planet, but the king of the TNOs ... for now. I wonder what will happen if one is discovered in the outer darkness that really beats Pluto; at this point, it seems only a matter of time.
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