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Balance the State Budget -- Fight this little Flash game created by the AP for hours and hours. It's certainly timely given the number of U.S. states struggling to balance their books and it's definitely engrossing (for geeks). While it certainly is simplistic, it makes me wonder, is playing the political game really this hard? Or is this game (or am I) just stupid? Even better question, is it impossible to win?
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I passed a budget on my first try. It is an interesting game tho. More satisfying than Blogshares for sure.
posted by thirteen at 6:55 AM on August 24, 2003

I balanced on second try. Need to please those who want lower estate taxes and business development. Slash health and some education. Keep law enforcement. Raise all taxes with most in business and tobacco. Vote me for '03.
posted by brent at 7:30 AM on August 24, 2003

Buy negative land.
posted by user92371 at 10:04 AM on August 24, 2003

sweeping across the board funding cuts combined with a steady increase in all taxes - if feeling quirky, raise tax benefits with simultaneously severely increase personal income tax...
posted by cohappy at 11:19 AM on August 24, 2003

Obviously this is American democracy at work, since I managed to get 21-9 in both houses with my detestable 'slash education spending, tweak the rest to keep people happy, fuck the balanced budget' proposals and still apparently lost. Hmm.
posted by riviera at 2:07 PM on August 24, 2003

I passed a ballanced budget on my first try too. Low cuts across the board and lots in 'law and order'. And I bosted liquer and estate taxes. Passed in both houses.
posted by delmoi at 4:30 PM on August 24, 2003

Just FYI, the equation needed changes from session to session, game to game. Sometimes you'll get a house that has friends that will vote for you regardless, and a senate full of Democrats. The next game they'll be Republicans and the Democrats hate you and won't compromise.
posted by jennak at 6:24 AM on August 25, 2003

Passed on my second attempt, then got it on with an intern. Result.
posted by ciderwoman at 7:38 AM on August 25, 2003

I think I would be recalled.
posted by UWliberal at 7:40 PM on August 25, 2003

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